Virtual Terminal

What is the Virtual Terminal?

The MobbyPayments Virtual Terminal is the perfect solution for any merchant wishing to process or refund payments without the costs of traditional terminals issued by banks.

The Virtual Terminal is perfect for call centres and office environments as it allows multiple operators to process transactions via their computer. Not only is it more cost effective than hardware based terminals, it allows the freedom and flexibility to be used anywhere you have an internet connection.

All transaction data is encrypted and stored within the ETx payment gateway; transaction reports are available for up to 12 months, and advanced options enable the merchant to customise reports to meet their individual needs.

The Virtual Terminal comes FREE OF CHARGE when you sign up to any of our credit card processing solutions (excludes Direct Debit)


What Are the Benefits?

  • Accessible from any computer with an Internet connection
  • NO extra hardware is required
  • Multiple staff can utilize the Virtual Terminal at once
  • NO installation or integration required
  • Supports all major credit cards
  • Payments processed via the PCI certified, secure web portal

How Does it Work?

1   Your customer passes their credit card information to you over the phone, mail order, etc
2   You log into the secure MobbyPayments merchant portal (MMI) and enter the card details directly into the Virtual Terminal
3  After reviewing and confirming the supplied information, you simply click “Proceed with Payment”
4  MobbyPayments encrypts the transaction data and submits to the acquiring bank for authorisation
5  The transaction response is displayed


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