Token Payments

What are Token Payments?

Token Payments (or Tokenisation) is the ideal solution for merchants seeking to securely store credit card data off-site and access this information for processing purposes when required.

Tokenisation is a fully PCI DSS compliant solution, all credit card information is encrypted at a military grade and stored in our Customer Information Vault (CIV)

Merchants can send tokens to the MobbyPayments gateway for processing via our Direct API or can be used in conjunction with our secure Hosted payment solution to securely capture card data, tokenise the information and have the information automatically imported into our Recurring Billing platform.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Complete PCI DSS compliant solution
  • Store NO sensitive information locally on your systems
  • Military Grade encryption
  • Supports up to 16 different payment types per customer
  • Can be used in conjunction with our Hosted Payments solution
  • Can be utilized to create a “One click purchase” service for customers
  • Store card info ONCE, and trigger future payments as required

How Does it Work?

1   Your customer passes their credit card information to you over the phone, by mail order or by other means
2   You send your customer’s credit card information to the MobbyPayments Customer Information Vault (CIV) via API
3  CIV returns a Token which references the customer’s credit card
4  You store the Token against your customer’s other information if required (name, address, etc)
5  You trigger future transactions by simply sending the token instead of the credit card number and the amount to be charged


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