Reporting & Reconciliation

Merchant Management Interface

The Merchant Management Interface (MMI) is a secure, web portal that allows merchants to view and download data, access comprehensive transaction and settlement reports and securely process or refund payments manually


The MMI provides

  • A secure portal to manage and control merchant/ entities and users
  • Individual user roles and permissions management
  • Access to real time transaction reports
  • Access to bank settlement reports
  • Access to our Virtual Terminal which allows you to perform manual payments and/or refunds (permission based)
  • The ability to view reports on screen or download as a CSV file

Reports can be searched by:

Approval Status
Merchant ID
Card Type
Transaction Type
Transaction Time
Transaction Date or date range

Tiered Reporting

Particularly valuable to larger business , the MMI provides a tiered reporting structure, which allows reporting from a broad “entire company” level down to individual stores / devices.