Privacy Policy

As a leading provider of payment systems and services, MobbyPayments (MobbyPayments) understands that privacy and data security is a major concern for our clients and their customers.

MobbyPayments systems adhere to the highest level of data security standards, PCI DSS, and MobbyPayments employs strict procedures and controls to ensure the security and privacy of our clients information.

MobbyPayments’s policy on private information, including but not limited to name, address, payment card/account details, is:

MobbyPayments may collect information needed to verify a transaction

MobbyPayments requires a certain amount of information to process a payment transaction. This includes the credit card/account number, expiry date, the name on the card, and may also include the date of birth, address, phone number(s) or other contact details of the card/account holder.

MobbyPayments will retain transaction information

MobbyPayments will retain all information about a transaction securely in our systems in accordance with PCI DSS and in accordance with our legal responsibilities to track financial information, and to provide accurate reports and statistics to our clients. This information is also retained and referenced as needed in case of a dispute regarding a transaction.

MobbyPayments will not sell or disclose personal information to third parties

MobbyPayments will not sell, provide or otherwise disclose information regarding specific persons or transactions from our systems to any party other than:

  • The cardholder
  • The merchant
  • The bank or financial institution acquiring the transaction
  • The bank or financial institution that issued the card
  • A Government or Law Enforcement Agency authorised by law

and then only for the purpose of resolving a potential dispute about a transaction.

MobbyPayments will not use your personal information

MobbyPayments will not use your personal information for any purpose, other than to contact you in the event of a problem or dispute with your card or transaction.

MobbyPayments must comply with legal requirements

MobbyPayments is bound by the laws and legislation of the State of Illinois. MobbyPayments must always comply with our legal requirements, in regard to credit card and other financial transactions, privacy of information, and any other matters. This statement in no way limits the rights or responsibilities of MobbyPayments, any merchant, bank or other financial institution, or cardholder. In particular, where the Privacy Act 1988 would conflict with this policy, the Act has effect.