POS Processing Solution

What is POS Processing?

The MobbyPayments Point of Sale (POS) solution provides an end-to-end EFTPOS / EMV Chip and Pin solution, that we call CASPOS.

CASPOS is a software agent that can be installed directly onto the your Integrated POS system and integrated with your POS application. Alternatively it can be installed in the cloud.

CASPOS software communicates with Ingenico® IPP seies Pinpads to initiate payments to your acquiring bank and returns results to your POS application.

CASPOS also logs transaction results in the MobbyPayments merchant portal, meaning you have a single consolidated point for all transaction reports for any payments processed through our gateway, simplifying reconciliation for your POS and ecommerce transactions.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Provides consolidated reporting across all sales channels (card present and online)
  • MobbyPayments software agent controlls 1 or many PinPads
  • Software can be installed locally on your POS system or via the cloud
  • Provides end-to-end EFTPOS / EMV Chip and Pin solution
  • Compatible with the excellent Ingenico IPP series Pinpads

How Does it Work?

1   CASPOS software installed locally on POS system and integratedwith your POS application or in the cloud
2   CASPOS software communicates with PinPad to initiate payment request with the bank
3  Transaction processed through the MobbyPayments Gateway
4  Transaction processed in real time through your acquiring bank and results are returned to your POS system
5  Payments are logged in the MobbyPayments management portal for inclusion in consolidated reporting for a single point of reconciliation for all card present and online sales.


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