Internet Merchant Facilities


Need a merchant account for accepting payments online?or perhaps you already have one but are looking for a better rate? MobbyPayments is able to offer merchant facilities at competitive rates starting from just 0.7%* Merchant Service Fee (MSF)

What is a Internet Merchant Facility?

For any business to be able to accept online or payments, you must first have an Internet Merchant Facility (IMF).

An IMF is a special type of clearing account issued by the banks designed specifically for online transactions and are linked to your nominated bank account.

What is a MSF?

Costs and fee structure can vary enormously from bank to bank, but will always include a Merchant Service Fee (MSF)

The MSF is a percentage of the transaction dollar value, and is arguably the most important rate to be aware of, and even more important to keep as low as possible.

How can MobbyPayments Help?

Normally merchants are expected to apply to the bank directly for a facility, however in conjunction with one of our preferred banking partners, we are pleased to now be able to offer IMF’s at very competitive rates, starting from as little as 0.7%*MSF

If you would like a free, no-obligation quote, simply Contact Us Here

*Terms and Conditions Apply, subject to bank and credit approval. Account keeping and transaction fees apply. All merchant facility fees are separate to MobbyPayments gateway fees which are priced on application