Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Payment Gateway & why do I need one?

A payment gateway is a service provider that authorises credit card payments and processes them securely to your Internet Merchant Account / Facility

What is a Internet Merchant Facility?

An internet merchant facility is a specific type of account for accepting online payments and facilitates the authorisation, settlement and transfer of funds between your customer’s card and your business bank account.

I already have a Merchant Account for my EFTPOS Terminal, can I use this for online payments?

Unfortunately not, this is a common misconception as they sound so similar, but a ‘merchant account’ that you may have for your physical card terminal is for accepting ‘card present’ transactions.

Internet merchant accounts are very different and need to be acquired separately from your standard merchant facility.

Do I need to change banks?

None of your existing personal or business banking needs to change.

Your internet merchant facility (IMF) can be with a different bank to that you usually use. As part of the application process, the bank providing the IMF will ask you to nominate a business account where the cleared funds will be settled into.

Some banks may offer incentives to have your merchant facility and business banking exclusively with them, but this is entirely your choice.

Can MobbyPayments help me getting an internet merchant facility?


Normally merchants are expected to apply to the bank directly for a facility, however in conjunction with one of our preferred banking partners, we are pleased to now be able to offer IMF’s at very competitive rates,

 If you would like a free, no-obligation quote, simply call us on .
Alternatively, we are happy to point you in the right direction and if possible, put you in touch with the relevant department with your chosen bank.

Is your gateway secure?

We are independently audited and accredited as a ‘Level 1 PCI DSS Service provider’

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) is a set of strict comprehensive requirements created by the card schemes, intended to ensure and regulate the security of sensitive payment card data.

Any company processing, storing or transmitting payment card data must comply with these PCI standards.

How long does it take to start selling online?

This depends on the type of solution you require and whether you have an existing Internet merchant facility.

Each bank may have slightly different timeframes and processes when dealing with your application, but we generally advise merchants to allocate 7-10 business days before they should expect to be provisioned their account from the bank.

During this period, we will work with you to and provide documentation and testing services (where applicable) so you can begin whatever work may be required from your end.

Once an Internet merchant facility is in place, we aim to have you transacting live within 48 hours.

Can I accept transactions from overseas?

Yes. Our gateway is capable of processing transactions from any country.

Unless you have a ‘multi-currency’ internet merchant facility, the transaction is conducted in US Dollars and the foreign currency conversion is then handled by the customer’s home bank.

How quick is it to process an online payment?

Our gateway processes payments with the bank in real time (typically 2-3 seconds)

You’ll know immediately if the payment has been approved or not, the cleared funds settle into your business account depending on the terms arranged with your bank, but typically this is around 2 business days.

Can I take credit card payments over the phone?

Yes, all of our online solutions come with free access to our Virtual terminal, which allows you to log onto our secure web portal and process payments over the phone anywhere you have an internet connection!