Direct Debit

What is Direct Debit?

Direct debit processing offers a simple and easy method that allows payments to be deducted from a cheque or savings account, thus eliminating credit card merchant service fees from your bottom line. Millions of users worldwide now prefer direct debit as a means of collecting payments.

Direct Debit is perfect for merchants that operate subscription models or service providers that issue invoices. It also allows you to offer customers the option of spreading their payments.

Direct Debits can be processed via the MobbyPayments Recurring Billing system for scheduled payments or sent to the gateway via the MobbyPayments Direct API allowing you to trigger payments as necessary.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Eliminates Bank Merchant Service Fees (MSF)
  • Accept payments from customers without credit cards
  • Funds are debited from Cheque or Savings accounts
  • Receive email and/or SMS notifications upon failed payments
  • Can be processed via the MobbyPayments recurring Billing system or Direct API
  • Perfect for Subscription models or service providers (eg Utilities)

How Does it Work?

1   Your customer signs and returns a Direct Debit Authority
2   Your setup Direct Debit payments through the online MobbyPayments Recurring Billing system or send payment requests via the MobbyPayments Direct API
3  Debit Payments are processed through the MobbyPayments Gateway
4  Debit instructions are sent to your customers nominated Bank
5  Transaction reports available through the MobbyPayments merchant portal, also you are notified of any failed payments by email and/or SMS


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