Cashless Vending / Kiosk Payments

What is Cashless Vending?

MobbyPayments have partnered with a leading Vending operator to deliver a complete end to end solution for operators of vending machines, stand alone kiosks and any unattended unit that requires payment processing.

The reader and gateway are capable of processing all major credit cards and able to accept ‘tap and go’ NFC (near Field Communication) payments (PayPass and Paywave)

In fact, any NFC or Stored Value card can be used which makes this solution ideal for closed user groups such as mining communities who wish to move to a cashless system to reduce overheads.

Through the MobbyPayments merchant portal, operators can track purchases in real time, monitor single or multiple machines and access bank settlement reports, in conjunction with the vending back office system that provides detailed telemetry, email stock alerts, pickslips and more.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Full PCI and EMV level 1 certified solution
  • Supports all major credit cards,. contactless payments and proprietary NFC cards
  • Real time monitoring and reporting
  • Simple Set-up – requires NO integration work.
  • Back office systems provide detailed telemetry, stock notification email alerts, stock pickslips and more
  • Greatly reduces overheads and running costs by removing the need to keep change stocked in machines
  • Removes security risks associated with keeping cash in machines.

How Does it Work?

1   Customer selects what they wish to purchase and presents their card for payment (swipe / tap or chip insert)
2   Transaction is sent to the MobbyPayments gateway for processing
3  MobbyPayments encrypts the transaction data and submits to the acquiring bank for real time authorisation
4  Response is sent to machine and if approved, product is dispensed
5  Real time transaction and settlement reporting available via the MobbyPayments merchant portal in addition to detailed telemetry, stock information, etc from the Vending Management system.


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